Yamashiro Hollywood


The Pagoda Bar by night…

When word spread throughout Los Angeles that the city’s iconic Yamashiro Hollywood was closing after over 60 years in business, hearts were breaking, including ours. But our tears barely had time to dry before LA-based BNG swept in, taking over the landmark property and reopening it a mere two days later!

Long known for its breathtaking 360 degree ocean to Hollywood views, patrons were not exactly busting down the doors for the food. That is until now. French-born chef Christophe Bonnegrace (formerly of Buddha Bar and Little Buddha Bar) was brought on board and completely revamped the menu seemingly overnight, creating a culinary buzz throughout the city. We met Christophe several years ago in NYC and Miami and there was no doubt in our minds that if anyone could get the food to match Yamashiro’s spectacular views, it would be him.

In fact, we think nothing of braving L.A. traffic for the Crispy Duck Confit, Beef Wagyu or Crispy Salmon and Scallops and our car keys are already in hand at the mere mention of our favorite off-the-menu Shrimp Kataifi with a coconut basil reduction.

Summer months will find us poolside sipping a Cherry Blossom at the Pagoda Bar, the place to be for happy hour. With menu items and drinks for $7, that long drive across town is but a distant memory 😉 In cooler months, we keep things cozy and continue the happy hour festivities with a Red Lotus in the inside bar. If things seem familiar here, it may just be because they are. Yamashiro has set the scene for many a Hollywood production, including “Memoirs of a Geisha” and “Gone in 60 Seconds.” And even we were surprised to see it make a cameo appearance on our very own Autumn List pick, Tom Ford’s recent film “Nocturnal Animals” where Amy Adams knocks back a few cocktails in the fabulous courtyard. With Yamashiro’s plans for a new sushi bar and more off-the-menu items this winter, you just may see us there if you look over your shoulder!

…or Pagoda Bar by day.

…and the Pagoda Bar by day.

The Takeaway

Like we always say, there is no time like the present, so just go!


1999 North Sycamore Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90068
5:00 pm – midnight

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Featured Photo: by www.lacityfarm.com/preserving-yamashiro-hollywood/



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