It’s about:

Red soles and a free back stage pass. Working your magic. Getting further with a smile than a fat wallet. Using what you’ve got, and not in a creepy way.

Having it all:

We all want to go to great places, be fashionable and cultured, and of course, always look our best. How do you let the world be your oyster without spending all your clams?

Enter Sparkle Bungalow:

We scour the city to find the hidden gems, the hot spots and the classics. We don’t give you long lists, we just give you our select few. We let you in on our secrets for making the magic happen. And we always make sure to take the time to appreciate the characters we meet on our epic journey.


Pamela and Sandy

For more on our philosophy, see Bring in the New.



Sparkle Bungalow loves great images. Whenever we do not use our own, we make every attempt to give credit where credit is due. If anything has slipped through the cracks, please let us know and we will credit it immediately. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Philosophy

  1. Look fab, ladies!

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