Jumpsuits: Crimes of Fashion



What other than a dress could make getting ready any easier? With just one piece you have an entire outfit. We know it’s tempting, but friends don’t let friends wear jumpsuits.

They are turning up just about everywhere, including infiltrating the racks of our favorite stores. We have been fooled more than once as we reach for, what appears to be a dress, only to have it turn out to be a jumpsuit.

It seems that even some high end designers are drinking the jumpsuit Kool Aid. We are firm believers that there’s a time and place for almost everything and the 70s (and prison) is the time and place for jumpsuits. So, unless orange is the new black for you, we say it’s best to skip this trend and simply remember the jumpsuit fondly from the groovy days of disco.

Jennifer Lopez Out And About In Manhattan

Serial jumpsuit offender Jennifer Lopez


Jumpsuits? Not so much.


Tom Ford, Part Deux


We couldn't resist trying out   the latest products.

We couldn’t resist trying out the latest products.

We became huge fans of Tom Ford’s makeup line last September at Fashion Week in New York. This September, we were invited to a special event at Neiman’s where we were whisked up to a private room to drink champagne, eat tea sandwiches and chocolate covered strawberries and, oh yeah, get some insider tips on how to work magic with some of their new products.

Shade and Illuminate Duet

Shade and Illuminate Duet

We watched west coast makeup guru, Todd Davidson, apply the Shade and Illuminate Duet to a model’s cheeks and just below her chin. It was intimidatingly dark. Seconds later he used a brush to blend it in and it was like a miracle had happened. We saw all the new products, which included pulverized pearls, and pigment rich celestials and watched how they were applied. We simply had to try them out ourselves.








The finished product.

Michelle, our go to girl at Neiman’s Tom Ford counter, set us up with two talented make-up artists, and minutes later we had a whole new look.

Many of the new Fall products are almost impossible to find, the Nude Dip Quad eyeshadow was sold out before it even arrived in stores and is currently going for triple its price on eBay. Still in stock, for now, are the eyeshadow quads we can’t live without, the brand new concealer, the Ultra Raven curling mascara, the brow pencil with built in brush and sharpener, and the Eye Defining liquid eyeliner pen. These are some of our favorites and should be snapped up before they too are gone.

Thick or thin? You decide.

Thick or thin? You decide.

Double-ended plus a sharpener hidden inside,

Double-ended plus a sharpener hidden inside,


TIP: The holiday collection is being released October 6 and should be in stores about two weeks later. Two new cream shadows and eight new matte lipsticks, two of them limited edition will go fast. If you want them, call and pre-order from Michelle as soon as they’re released. We’re still regretting that we didn’t hoard more of the She Wolf limited edition eyeshadow last Fall, when we had the chance.

Tom Ford’s Make-up line is carried at Bergdorfs in N.Y. and Neiman’s in L.A.

Gucci Kills It For Fall


Gucci's Fall 2014 Ad Campaign

Gucci’s Fall 2014 Ad Campaign

The furry coats, the snakeskin boots, the bags. We love it all!!! Gucci goes for the late 60s vibe and does everything right.

Kate Moss is a vision in this not-to-miss video.



Tom Ford Make Up



During our recent New York trip for Fashion Week, we got sidetracked and somehow ended up at the Tom Ford beauty counter at Bergdorfs. It was there that we met Clif and our love affair with Tom Ford beauty products began. It started innocently enough with the limited edition eye shadow, She Wolf, and quickly gained speed from there. We couldn’t get enough. The eye shadows, the blush, the brow pencil, the mascara.

Us with the fabulous Clif at the Tom Ford makeup counter at Bergdorf's.

Us with the fabulous Clif at the Tom Ford makeup counter at Bergdorf’s.

If you’re in New York, see Clif at Tom Ford at Bergdorf’s for a whole new and much better you. He doesn’t hold back when he’s doing your makeover and definitely tells it like it is, but we left the store feeling fantastic and each holding bulging bags of Tom Ford potions. We also like Michelle at the Tom Ford counter at Neiman’s in Beverly Hills, she even managed to score us two She Wolfs after our favorite  limited edition color had sold out.

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