Lost and Found LA

Last week we were tipped off by our friend and former art world colleague that the mysterious and anonymous group of artists who created the Griffith Park Teahouse and the two Petal Drop LA installations had yet another piece up their sleeve, Lost and Found LA.

This work, unlike some of the artists’ previous site-specific installations, which were sometimes only hours-long, would be accessible for a full ten days. This meant none of the usual frenzy and long lines that have come to surround their other pieces.

Similar to past installations though, the exact location of the experience would only be revealed the night before, announced via a cryptic sounding website. And thankfully, as has become characteristic of their other pieces, this haltingly beautiful installation engages and astonishes those who venture out to see it.

Tree Hollow

We accepted the mission, hopped in the car and not a half an hour outside of L.A., along La Tuna Canyon Road, we came across Del Arroyo Drive, a small, inconspicuous street. We swung a left, drove to the top, and parked in a small dusty lot, happy we had decided to wear sweats. As we started up the trail we couldn’t help but notice the scorched, blackened earth, brush and trees. Not much further up we came to a clearing where the magic began.

Drawing inspiration from Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery by filling in its cracks with lacquer dusted with gold, Lost and Found LA also uses gold to renew this burnt landscape, and creates a powerful parallel. Also percolating the darkened landscape we noticed sprigs of bright green, new growth literally springing up from the ashes.

We won’t say much more as we want you to discover the installation for yourselves. We will say that out of the destruction of  L.A.’s recent wildfires these artists have created beauty, wonder and hope.

Through November 12, 2017 only.

The Takeaway


Lost and Found LA
November 4 – 12, 2017
Del Arroyo Drive at La Tuna Canyon Road
Sun Valley, CA 91352

Park in the lot at the top of Del Arroyo Drive. It’s an easy 5 minute walk up the marked trail from the parking area. Please be respectful of the horses and neighbors who live in the area.

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