Petal Drop LA (02)

On Sunday, May 29 at 6:17 am, the mysterious, anonymous collective of artists behind Petal Drop LA (01) and the Griffith Park Tea House will stage its latest experience, Petal Drop LA (02).

In Petal Drop LA (01), a narrow alleyway in Downtown Los Angeles was transformed for one February day into a continuous shower of rose petals. Visitors could write their feelings and memories down on squares of paper which were then incorporated into the experience.

Shrouded in mystery, yet again, Petal Drop LA (02) is a one morning only installation that takes place at an industrial site near Downtown Los Angeles. It’s expected to last until about noon. To add to the suspense, the exact location will only be announced the morning of the 29th through Petal Drop LA’s Instagram and Twitter feeds @petaldropLA or by calling (323) 905-4574.

Jacaranda Trees

What is known is that this second iteration will feature Jacaranda tree blossoms. If you live in L.A., you know that each May, these trees explode with blueish, purple flowers and towards the end of the month, the ground, not to mention unsuspecting passersby and cars, are blanketed in purple.

The event is free. Get there early (don’t forget it starts at 6:17 am) and with any luck you’ll get a chance to experience Petal Drop LA (02) firsthand.




Here are some images from Petal Drop LA (02). It was definitely worth the suspense, not to mention the early wake up call. The experience spanned several blocks, beginning on 625 Lamar Street near the corner of Main in Downtown Los Angeles. Things got started with an interactive installation at the Cemex cement plant, where visitors filled out a “job application” on a clipboard and turned it in to the desk attendant who took it, stamped it and handed back a small envelope. It continued along the city streets with many surprises to discover along the way, until, just past the active railroad tracks, visitors were treated to the grand finale along the banks of the L.A. river.

We hope you got to see it for yourselves!

PetalDropLA(02): The mystery revealed.

Petal Drop LA (02) : The mystery revealed.

Petal Drop LA (02) : The Grand Finale.

As If Nothing Magical Had Happened. Petal Drop LA (02) : The Grand Finale.

The Takeaway


Petal Drop LA (02)
Sunday, May 29, 2016
6:17 am – around noon
Location to be disclosed Sunday at dawn
Go to @petaldropla
Call (323) 905-4574

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