Happy 2016!

Happy 2016 everyone! 2015 brought many adventures our way and we admit that our end-of-year writing and posting may have taken a backseat to all the fun being had. When opportunity knocked, we didn’t hesitate to open the door 😉 But as we always say, better late than never. So, stayed tuned for posts coming your way from adventures past and we’ll resolve to do our best to be more timely about sharing with you all that comes our way in 2016.

Our wish is that you resolve to make your 2016 a year filled with fun, good health, and a love of life. Remember, adventures come in many forms. Having a positive attitude can easily make trying a new restaurant in your very own neighborhood just as much fun as hopping on a plane to an uncharted destination. We know you will have the good fortune to appreciate both!

Happy New Year!

Sandy and Pamela

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