Mandals: Footwear Gone Awry

We had high hopes of breezing through summer mandal-free, but the odds have not been in our favor this season. Mandals (man sandals) have been making unwelcome guest appearances not only at the usual scenes of the crime (the beach and pool), but we’ve had troublesome sightings at restaurants…at night! Even high-end designers have slipped a mandal or two down their runways. Yet, no matter how handsome the model, things went south from the ankles down.

Guys, nothing screams tourist like mandals with socks. However, the most disturbing of mandals is the male gladiator. Unless you have been blasted back from Ancient Rome in a DeLorean or you are on your way to a toga party, it is best to leave these shoes in the history books, where they belong.

While we are happy to say that we haven’t spotted an over abundance of mandals this summer, we have had enough sightings to cause concern. We just wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if we didn’t advise on acceptable men’s footwear while there is still time to send summer out in style. If we can prevent just one pair of mandals from stepping in the sand, our work is done.

TIP: Please note that mandals are not to be confused with flip-flops, the beloved (and recommended ) shoe of summer.

The Takeaway:

We’re begging you to cut your mandals loose. You’ll thank us later. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Mandals: Footwear Gone Awry

  1. treintje on said:

    and what about wandals?


  2. g2-dd50db784602d45090409c008fc7580a on said:

    Bobby-You’ve been wearing mandels since the day we met, but I love you in spite of it! 😘


  3. LOL, as discussed, despite our willingness to be bold, Rudy and I will defer to your sage advice !


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