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With an eye for style and a no holds barred approach to life, Aimee and Jessica are two of our favorite stylists in Los Angeles. These two can whip up a myriad of get-ups in a flash, all while having a blast doing it. Step into their dressing rooms and you too will come out looking like your very best self. Fashion challenged? You can breathe a sigh of relief because only you (and they) will know it after letting them work their magic on you. Both Aimee and Jessica are FIDM graduates and have a true appreciation for what fashion designers are trying to convey with fit, lines and design and always keep this in mind when working with their clients. We wanted the inside tips on their enviable style and couldn’t wait to spend a morning with them for some unfiltered Q&A and laughs aplenty. Here is what these two fashion savvy characters had to say.

We should also mention that we offered to send Aimee and Jessica this post to look over before making it live but both said “it’s ok, we are fine with everything we say”…making us love them even more.

Fringe and leopard

What’s not to love about leopard and fringe?

Sparkle Bungalow: We are seeing fringe everywhere for spring. What other trends can we expect to see?

Aimee: Stars, leopard, feminine pastels, boho and geometric prints.

Jessica: Black and white stripes, not just for casual but you will be seeing black and white striped blouses and shoes. I would also say a lot of stars and my personal favorite, leopard print.

Sparkle Bungalow: Stars?

Aimee: Yes, star prints are everywhere. St Laurent is doing shoes, bags and clothes with stars.

Sparkle Bungalow: Are there any trends that you are going to take a pass on this season?

Aimee: Definitely going to pass on the gingham, it’s just not for me. I am also not that into fringe. With my body type, it makes me feel bigger and I am not comfortable wearing it. However, I do own one pair of fringe shoes.

Jessica: Gingham!

Sparkle Bungalow: What advice do you have for peeps on a budget for staying stylish and what are some of your favorite places to shop “low”?

Aimee: I think budgeting a wardrobe is important. Save your money to splurge on long-term investments like bags, shoes and jewelry. You can buy jeans and tees a couple of times a year and make them last year round. Shopping low is easy with stores like Zara, Angl, Topshop and Revolve online. With the internet it is so easy to find a less expensive version of a designer outfit that you love. I am wearing Chanel shoes with an inexpensive jacket.

Jessica: Mix high and low. Invest in key pieces that dress up your wardrobe. For example, a great leather jacket, bag, heels/boots. Budget on the basics and invest in something that you will wear forever. Put your money into a jacket and mix and match with a tee and jeans. I like stores like Zara and Topshop too for deals.

Sparkle Bungalow: Do you both like online shopping?

Aimee: I LOVE IT!!!! I love getting packages sent to me. I do it all, online and in store shopping.

Jessica: I like the instant gratification of going into a store and buying something. After I buy something I want to wear it for 5 days straight!

Sparkle Bungalow: What spring trend is your personal favorite?

Aimee: Neutrals! I am obsessed with blending white with neutrals. I am all over white all the time. I love wearing white! I would even wear a YSL white suit on my wedding day.

Jessica: I am a fringe girl. I have been doing fringe for years, everything from fringe jackets, skirts, shoes and bags. I love white suits too but I look like a baby prostitute in one, so not a look that I wear!

Sparkle Bungalow: Do you have any fashion rules that you don’t break?

Aimee: Black is always in style and it’s always the best way to go. Black is black and will always be supreme. I don’t follow the “don’t wear white after labor day rule’. I wear white all year long. I mix prints too. The other day I wore plaid with leopard and it looked rad!

Jessica: I am always in black. I stick to sleek and simplistic style, funeral chic.

Sparkle Bungalow: Other than Kate Moss (she’s a given) who is on your style icon list?

Aimee: Khloe Kardashian, I have styled Khloe and can relate to her urban style. We have similar body types and I love that she accepts her curvy body. Victoria Beckham, Cara Delevingne, Rhianna and Emily Ratajikowski all have great style too.

Jessica: Nicole Richie. I love her mix of boho and masculine and she makes it work effortlessly. I love it all, even the purple hair!

Aimee, the exception to our jumpsuit rule.

Aimee, the exception to our jumpsuit rule.

Sparkle Bungalow: We have to ask, what’s up with jumpsuits?

Aimee: Everything!!! I am obsessed with jumpsuits. I own a gross amount. Some just look like sacks but if done right they are amazing. Roland Mouret makes a very sexy jumpsuit. I have about 35 jumpsuits in my closet! When I do a closet clean-up I never get rid of a jumpsuit.

Jessica: I love jumpsuits too. I even love overalls!

Sparkle Bungalow: What about the guys? How do you like men to dress?

Aimee: Clean with an edge, casual and simple yet sophisticated. Some grunge is hot! Facial hair, tattoos…you get it!

Jessica: Simple and clean. I love facial hair and tattoos. My boyfriend and I are often dressed alike. Our boyfriends could easily dress us, they definitely know our style.

 Sparkle Bungalow: How much facial hair are you two talking about?

Aimee: I love the Tom Ford scruff type of facial hair.

Jessica: Tactile, I like a full beard, something I can touch.

Sparkle Bungalow: Who is your favorite designer?

Aimee: Tough question, there are so many. Maybe Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy. I like his modern, elegant, yet edgy style. Alexander Wang is up there too.

Jessica: I love Roland Mouret, YSL and McQueen for suits.

Sparkle Bungalow: What is the best style advice that you have ever gotten?

Aimee: It was from my mom. There’s a fine line between sexy and too much. Big boobs run in my family and you have to be aware of your assets and show them off appropriately. You can’t show everything. Know when to take the girls out and when to keep them in.

Jessica: Less is more is the best advice that I have ever gotten.

Sparkle Bungalow: The airline lost your luggage with all of your favorite clothes and accessories. Which item will you miss most?

Aimee: I learned this lesson the hard way once. I always put my shoes in carry-on now! I would miss my toiletry bag the most. I have the best blowdryer…a pink t3!

Jessica: Shoes, I ALWAYS put them in my carry-on bag.

Sparkle Bungalow: Who would be your dream client (male or female) to dress?

Aimee: Rhianna, hands down. Nipple rings, see-through stuff, she does it all and looks amazing.

Jessica: Nicole Richie, we have a similar style and I feel that working with her would mesh really well. Rhianna too.

Sparkle Bungalow: Which shoes do you have your eye on for spring?

Aimee: Anything Gianvito Rossi. I also love Tom Ford, Gucci and Golden Goose sneakers.

Jessica: I am obsessed with Gianvito Rossi.

Sparkle Bungalow: What is your go-to outfit that always makes you feel great?

Aimee: High waisted jeans, a bodysuit, a blazer or leather jacket and plaid with a badass pair of shoes and a clutch. My style is more masculine.

Jessica: High waisted J Brand jeans, a black Alexander Wang tank, black Chloe Suzanne boots and a cute cropped leather jacket.

Sparkle Bungalow: What are signature Aimee and Jessica looks?

Aimee: A black jumpsuit or black harem pants with a bodysuit. Everyday casual would be high-waisted jeans by Frame, a Monrow tee, and Chanel espadrilles. I also  where suits just to go out. Sometimes my friends ask why I am in a suit!

Jessica: Jeans, Isabel Marant booties, a black sheer tee and a black bra and a cropped leather jacket. I also love fringe.

TIP: Although we agree with Aimee and Jessica on almost all things fashion, especially the gingham, we are standing firm on the just say no to jumpsuits business!

The Takeaway

While we walked away feeling a lot more prepared for spring, our morning with Aimee and Jessica was over all too quickly. 😦 If you’re in desperate need of some style advice, fear not, you can reach Aimee and Jessica through the Elyse Walker boutique where they will be more than happy to put you in some new threads.




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