Bring in the New….

After talking up our blog for many a moon, we decided to finally go legit and launch it. We had the purest of intentions, but there was always one more adventure calling our name and our good intentions fell by the wayside. We couldn’t withhold any longer, we decided that January would be the last in our long line of missed deadlines. Granted it is the 31st, but here we are, making good on our 2015  resolution.

It all started on a flight back from New York when we were trying to squeeze out the last bit of fun from our trip by recapping our adventures. As we were writing out the details, we realized that all our adventures had a common thread: it wasn’t about the destination—it was about having a good attitude, a genuine love of life and an openness to adventure. Whenever we were together, whether we were in some far-flung place or our own backyard, we did the things we loved to do. We talked to the people we met along the way and found that there was something to be learned from all of them. We followed our passions, and the adventures naturally followed suit.

When we recounted our capers to friends, they wanted in on the magic. We realized it was our duty to share. We had to spread the love and let you in on our tips for making the magic happen.

So here we present Sparkle Bungalow, a place where we share our adventures and do our best to inspire you to create your own. We hope you will have as much fun with it as we do. It’s a big world out there with plenty of excitement to be had. Time to step out of your bungalow and get your sparkle on.

Sandy and Pamela








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20 thoughts on “Bring in the New….

  1. Julia Fitzgerald on said:

    Congratulations! The hard work has paid off. All the magic you work on your trips is coming through in the posts. Can’t wait for the next update!

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  2. What an exciting NEW adventure for you! Can’t wait for updates on your blog! Congrats!

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  3. Amy McFarland on said:

    I already feel more relaxed and adventurous as I have just reviewed your blog site. Congrats on all of the hard work that you two have put into this blog site! Pop the cork and pour the champagne for some more adventures in 2015!! LOVE every morsel of your site.

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  4. Love it ladies…can’t wait to see where your next adventure will be!! Good luck and I’m so happy that it is finally launched…been waiting excitedly!! 😉

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  5. Dear Pam and Sandy:
    I’m excited for you and can’t wait to follow up on your adventures, so I can be a part of it:))))
    Cheerio Henrietta

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  6. Monica Goldberg on said:

    Felicitaciones! congratulations! modern with a happy feeling!

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  7. Moira Shourie on said:

    Sparkle me up!!!

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  8. Love it!

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  9. Sandra Braverman on said:

    Looking good ladies!

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