Jumpsuits: Crimes of Fashion

What other than a dress could make getting ready any easier? With just one piece you have an entire outfit. We know it’s tempting, but friends don’t let friends wear jumpsuits.

They are turning up just about everywhere, including infiltrating the racks of our favorite stores. We have been fooled more than once as we reach for, what appears to be a dress, only to have it turn out to be a jumpsuit.

It seems that even some high-end designers are drinking the jumpsuit Kool Aid. We are firm believers that there’s a time and place for almost everything and the 70s (and prison) is the time and place for jumpsuits. So, unless orange is the new black for you, we say it’s best to skip this trend and simply remember the jumpsuit fondly from the groovy days of disco.

UPDATE: The latest offender.

The latest offender….no words necessary.

The Takeaway:  

Don’t…we’re begging you!

PHOTO: Jane Fonda at the Grammys, Getty Images.

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2 thoughts on “Jumpsuits: Crimes of Fashion

  1. stephanie meyer on said:

    Okay….I won’t do it.

    Liked by 1 person

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